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Main Page APC&TCP Classix CD 1

The CD-ROM APC&TCP Classix #1 contains commercial fullversions of

1990 - 92er Edition included Daten-disk (german)
1990 - 93er Edition (german)
Marblelous (german/english)
Marblelous 2 (german/english)
Kargon (german/english)
GunBee F99 (german/english)
GTT (german)

This CD-ROM contains also the following fullversion of Shareware Games:

Off Colours

As a little bonus the Homepage of the Amiga Future is stored on this CD, one of the few remaining Amiga Print Magazines. Of course not all parts of the Homepage can be used or viewed correctly offline. To view the Homepage simply load the file "index.html" with any Browser.